Capture the Golden Hour in a New Light with Samsung’s Galaxy S10 this Summer

Summer if officially here and the golden hour, experienced in the first and last hour of light every day, is a photographers dream and the perfect time to capture sun-soaked stills that will make you the envy of all your friends and family.

In today’s technology-filled era, high-end cameras do a great job of capturing unique light and scenes in stunning ways. But this often means users need to invest time and knowledge into mastering the ins and outs of photography to capture shots that are worthy of sharing with friends and family.

With no fancy ISO settings required, and pro-grade features to boost your photography skills to new heights, what better time to explore the unlimited potential of the Samsung Galaxy S10’s camera capabilities than during the arrival of the summer months. With up to five camera lenses, the multi-camera functionality of the Galaxy S10 helps you shoot like a pro – all you have to do is sit back, snap and enjoy!

Nail the perfect shot with multi-lens capabilities

With a lens for every scene, the Galaxy S10 range can take on the lowest of light or the brightest of settings. With either five (Galaxy S10+) or four lenses (Galaxy S10), you will have no trouble unlocking incredible zoom capabilities, ultra wide frames, and telephoto lenses that enable you to capture the best summer shots from all angles.

Professional-grade photos, day and night

With the Galaxy S10’s Dual Aperture mode, you can capture clear and crisp photos regardless of the poor lighting conditions that can often come with shooting around dawn and dusk. The Dual Aperture lens acts like a human eye, automatically adapting the aperture to suit the lighting conditions.

Optimized scenes for optimal photos

With the advanced Scene Optimizer, capturing stunning sunrise and sunset photos is easy. Thanks to the Galaxy S10’s Neural Processing Unit, Scene Optimizer can accurately analyze and process image data to recognize intricate scenes. This allows for smarter vision recognition of up to 30 scenes, including sunrise and sunset, meaning the Galaxy S10 has your summer photo scene needs covered.

Automatic professional recommendations

With Shot Suggestion, you can get automatic and professional-based recommendations on how to frame and compose your photo. By analyzing an extensive database of more than 100 million pictures, the S10’s Shot Suggestion feature recommends how you can enhance the proportions, positioning, and overall composition of your photos to help you take the best shots possible.

Post and share your favorite photos on the go

Your precious photos and memories need somewhere to go, which is where the Galaxy S10’s Instagram Mode comes into the frame. The Galaxy S10 will directly launch Instagram through the camera app, turning the device into the ideal phone for sharing your summer photos and stories with those who matter most – all without opening up the app.


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