Alfa Stores in Tripoli Closed until Further Notice

Alfa, managed by Orascom TMT, has issued the following statement:

In light of the glaring insults and physical assaults against its employees, particularly in the Tripoli area, Alfa finds itself obliged to take the decision to close its two stores in Tripoli until the circumstances of the shameful acts have been cleared and until the staff’s safety and security can be ensured.

Alfa is committed to continuing to serve its customers even in the most difficult and challenging circumstances and is supportive of the freedom of peaceful expression. However, Alfa condemns the humiliation of its employees today by their fellow citizens and will in no way accept that their dignity and personal safety be so blatantly trampled. The employees have never failed to perform their duties, which have become a fundamental service to citizens, especially in these difficult times. We applaud the morality and responsibility of all those working in Alfa and ask the concerned entities to ensure this incident will not happen again. We also wonder who benefits from such actions? Moreover, we would like to announce that we have taken the necessary relevant precautionary and judicial measures.


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