Alfa officially launches the free“Najat” application for the Lebanese Red Cross on smartphones and calls subscribersto downloadthe applicationand supportLebanese Red Cross teamsin their humanitarianmission

Beirut, Lebanon, October 27, 2014:Alfa,managed byOrascomTelecom, officially launched todaythe “Najat application” of the Lebanese Red Cross for smartphones,aspart ofits Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.Theapplicationis nowavailablefor freeon appstoresof iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

This importance of this applicationlies in that itsimplifiesthe work ofambulance andemergency crewsinthe Lebanese Red Cross (LRC), as it helpstheir central operations room to directlylocate theaddress of the personin need ofreliefwhenreceiving a call tothe toll-free LRC emergency number140.

Becauseevery momentcountsin saving the life ofa human being, Alfa calls citizens and smartphone userstodownload thisapplicationin order to simplifythe work of LRCambulance and emergency, especially in the absence ofprecisenumberingof thestreetsin Lebanon.

After the app is downloaded, the subscriber is required toregisterhis address(two addresses at the most) along with two phone numbers in addition to his personal number.For more precision, the subscriber must be present at the registered addressin order forthe LRCcentral operations roomto be able to locatethe home addresseasilywhen receiving a to itscall toll-free number140.

Alfa has launched the app with support from theMinistry of Telecommunications and in collaboration with the Najat Wakedfamily members, whowere behind theidea of Najat. This wasafter they lost their mother, Najat, because the Red Cross paramedics could not get there in a timely manner when the family found it




difficult to specify the house’s location over the phone, for lack of precise street name and numbering.
Alfa CEO and Chairman MarwanHayek congratulated “all the partnersinthishumanitarian projectand allthe teams thathave workedthroughoutthe pastmonthsin order forthis application toseethe light”. He hoped that Najat will achieve its mission and help save lives, pointing outthat “thehumanitarian objectiveof this projectandits intendedmessageare whatprompted usfrom the start tosupport it withallpossible means”.

He added that“Alfa’s adoption of this project stems from thebelief in itscommunityresponsibilitytowards theLebanese societyandthe need to supportcivil society initiatives. It also comes in the context ofour close andcontinuous cooperationwithNGOsfor people’s welfareinLebanon”.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Lebanese Red Cross Mr. GeorgesKettanehpraised everyone who contributed to the success of this project, especially Alfa and the Waked family.

The Najat app can be downloaded for free on the following links:




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