Alfa Holds “Rénover ne pas Jeter” Exhibition In Support Of The Integration Of The Students of The Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf In The Workplace and the Community

Alfa, managed byOrascom Telecom, organized in collaboration with the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deafthe “Rénover ne pas Jeter” exhibition at Farra Design Gallery in Mkalles, whichfeatured 18 pieces of old furniture that were redesigned and renovated by the Institute’s students.This new initiative is part of the “Alfa 4-Life” CSR Program and aims to integrate students with special needs in the community, and especially in the workplace.

Alfa Chief Communication Affairs Officer Mrs. Aline Karam affirmed that this initiative is a continuation of the years of cooperation with the Father Andeweg Institute and comes in the context of the roadmapAlfa started with the Institute two years ago.This roadmap aims to train students withhandiwork potential to help them effectively integrate in the community and develop their communicative abilities, thus preparing them to integrate the workplace.
She pointed out that some students chose to learn carpentry and upholstery, noting that the proceeds of the furniture soldwill go to the students and the Institute. Karam thanked all those who contributed to the success of this initiative.

For his part, Father Andeweg Institute’s Chairman Dr.TouficTakchithanked Alfa for its support throughout the years within the “Alfa 4-Life” program, and especially with this exhibition, which helped and supported a group of students who worked on the renovation of old furniture. He added that the aim of this work is to discover and develop the skills of the students and help them integrateinthe communityeffectively and independently. Takchi thanked Farra Gallery for hosting the exhibition,in addition to SkaffGroup and all those who contributed to the success of thisevent.

Farra Gallery owner and General Director Mr. Ronald Farrasaid that “Farra Gallery’s support to and hosting of this outstanding exhibition stems from its belief in in its role toward the communitysince 75 years”.

Skaff Home Collection General Director Mr. Philippe Skaff said that “helping and supporting the community is a culture that is deeply rooted in us”.
For her part, Mrs. Rita Moukarzel, the head of the Syndicate of Graphic Design and Illustrationin Lebanon,described the preparations and training steps that were followed with the students in the workshops. She also talked about theirartistic abilities that exceeded expectations.


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