Alfa CEO and Chairman Receives Al Riyadi Club President At the head of a women’s team delegation that presented him with the “17th Arab Clubs Championship for Women” and the “International Hisham Jaroudi Championship” trophies

Beirut, on 14 December 2015: Alfa CEO and Chairman, Marwan Hayek received at the company’s headquarters in Furn El Chebbak Al Riyadi Club President Hisham Jaroudi heading a delegation of the Club’s women’s basketball team in addition to the administrative and technical staff. Jaroudi presented to Hayek the “17th Arab Clubs Championship for Women” and the “International Hisham Jaroudi Championship” trophies as a token of appreciation to Alfa for sponsoring the team during these championships.

The sports delegation was also greeted by Alfa officials and team, and included Riyadi Club Vice President Tammam Jaroudi, team manager Nayla Alameddine, team administrator Walid Yammout, team technical director Elie Nasr and his aide Marwan Diab, fitness trainer Abdullah Hijazi, as well as the first team members, who are the champions of West Asia, the Arab World and Lebanon, and winners of the Hisham Jaroudi Cup.


In his speech, Jaroudi said, “We consider this company to be our home and are very happy to be here to present the two trophies which Alfa helped us obtain through its generous sponsorship and confidence in our victory. We promise to always live up to its expectations.”

He added, “We thank Alfa for its support of sports in general and Al Riyadi Club’s women’s team in particular. This reflects its wish to support the youth in various sports, and we hope that the principle of fair play will always prevail in all sports, with continuing competition among all the clubs. We also hope that we will be able to make achievements both in Lebanon and the Arab countries.”

Jaroudi also said, “We at Riyadi Club are proud of this sponsorship, and we thank Alfa and its Chairman and CEO Marwan Hayek. God willing, we will reiterate these achievements and have more victories and championships.”


Then Hayek had a speech which he started by thanking Al Riyadi Club President Hisham Jaroudi for his eloquent word. “I welcome you to Alfa, managed by Orascom Telecom, which is your home and the home of Lebanese sports”. He added: “Al Riyadi Club is the sports club par excellence for young men and women in Lebanon, especially in regard to basketball.”

Hayek stressed that “we look forward to continue to sponsor the women’s team, as we perceived this club’s family spirit and are proud to say that we feel a part of it. Our support to the team was not a coincidence, as we had been observing its outstanding performance. We were also aware that less attention was given to the women’s teams compared to the men’s teams. Hence, we backed Al Riyadi Club to support sports and encourage the other clubs.”

He added, “We consider our support to basketball and many other sports to be a national responsibility, albeit on a small scale, to complete the work of club managements. It seems that we brought good luck to Al Riyadi Club with these two achievements, and we hope to continue to promote Lebanon’s reputation in other disciplines.” He concluded, “Our support to women’s sports also constitutes a token of appreciation for their efforts, as they are a model to all Lebanese women who realize that success can be achieved through perseverance.”

Jaroudi then presented the two trophies to Hayek, thanking him for his sponsorship. He hoped to continue having this cooperation with the company, which supports all sports activities and initiatives. He also offered Hayek Al Riyadi Club shirt carrying Alfa’s slogan.

At the end, souvenir photos were taken in an exceptional atmosphere.


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