Beirut, Lebanon – September 17, 2019.  Further to the Galaxy Note10 Field SalesForce Training (FST) event that Samsung Electronics Levant/Lebanon held for 340 mobile shop owners from all over Lebanon, the company continues the push for supporting its dealers with a series of varied activations across the whole country, spanning Thursday 5th September through Monday 30th September.

Designed to bring the Galaxy Note10 experience to the consumer, these activities are programmed to be held at key touch points by means of Truck Activation, Mall Strollers, Bicycle Activation, and Mall Activation, accompanied by user experience, fun and special incentives.

In the case of Truck Activation, showrooms on wheels will sprout at 19 strategic locations in key Lebanese cities and towns, across coast and mountain, and over four 4-day weekends in September (Thursday-Sunday), the first being September 5-8. Truck Activation will feature Icaros VR/Gaming area/(Device) Experience area, Roaming smart trays, as well as offer online sales, special discounts and giveaways. Moreover, a live band will play on top of the truck at six locations!

Mall Strollers will feature promoters manning strolling tables for 3 days in September at five select malls: ABC Ashrafieh, ABC Dbayeh, City Center, Le Mall Dbayeh, and Le Mall Saida. Online sales, special discounts, and giveaways wil be on offering too.

Bicycle Activation will provide an Experience zone along with online sales, special discounts and giveaways, and will run over three long weekends in September, spanning 14 locations from Tripoli in the North to Tyre in the South, across coast and mountain.

As for Mall Activation, it’ll see the installation of a 28 square-meter stand (8m x 3.5m) at ABC Ashrafiyeh for a 12-day duration (September 19-30), featuring areas for Gaming, Experience, and Calligraphy, and offering online sales, special discounts as well.

Throughout this hectic activations program, experiential marketing, together with prominent branding of the trusted Samsung name, will combine to broaden the exposure of the all-powerful and highly innovative Galaxy Note10 to the Lebanese consumer on a first-hand basis for the best-in-class smartphone it is, truly designed to ‘Bring Passions to Life with Next-Level Power’.

In a related statement, Mr. Jay Kim, President of Samsung Lebanon, said, “There are no two ways about it that, to us at Samsung, the end user commands our prime attention. At the core of Samsung’s corporate values is that we base our innovation on a deep understanding of people’s wants and needs. In addition, we innovate in order to create positive change for people in their lives. Hence, by extension, our strong belief in maintaining a close relationship with the end user, and the importance we place on keeping this connection active through multiple reach means and access channels.”


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