SAYFCO: Setting the Foundation for New Growth

SAYFCO HOLDING is more than a company or corporate entity. It is the fruit of a visionary man, Mr. Chahe Yerevanian, who in 2004 took on a venture that in just a few years has achieved milestones that any company would be incredibly proud of. Through its many successes, and its impact on the Lebanese economy, SAYFCO has become a corner stone of the real estate and financial sectors, and a catalyst for business innovation and community development.

As the number one real estate developer in the country, SAYFCO has sold over 6,000 units totaling over $3 billion since 2010, of which 3,000 units were delivered and registered.

Being the leading real estate promoter, proudly representing the largest number of projects, with a successful portfolio of more than 30 projects since 2010, SAYFCO has always strived to better itself. Joining the digital revolution, it built a strong digital presence for the brand, and leveraged its social media influence on Facebook by being able to instantly communicate with over 4million followers, the largest community of any real estate page worldwide.

Conscious of its influence and responsibility towards its community, SAYFCO has always taken it upon itself to support youth and sports development in Lebanon. In line with the philosophy of the company and the vision of its Chairman, SAYFCO is dedicated to always providing aid to the athletic community and the Lebanese youth.

This people-first culture is very much part of SAYFCO’s DNA, and echoed loudly by Mr. Chahe Yerevanian, the company Chairman-C.E.O, through his motto: “we re-invent ourselves every day with the help of our people”. This is exactly why in 2016; SAYFCO went into a complete restructuring of the core team, in order to better cope with the new vision and the daring expansion strategy. A new COO was appointed, Mr. Georges Khoury, leading the digital transformation of the company and introducing a new eco-system to better promote the portfolio on the global market, aligning with the objectives and strategy of SAYFCO stakeholders. Mrs. Youmna Hayek has been appointed CFO and leads the financial department. With a long and respected tenure in the company, Mrs. Anita Stephan now heads the Legal and Customer Service department. Furthermore, several new departments were created to help support and build on the new vision of Mr.Yerevanian, and usher in a new era for SAYFCO.

This evolution in the structure enables SAYFCO to better their already high standards of servicing, ensuring greater added value when assisting or promoting any real estate entrepreneur or landowner.

One such project is Galateia: the largest project of its kind in Lebanon, spread across over 300,000 SQM of BUA, it is proof of SAYFCO’s reinvigoration, and will be launched officially in the next few months when construction begins. Many more projects are in the pipeline, and are set to make serious waves in the real estate market.

SAYFCO is clearly setting itself on a positive track, and is aggressively looking ahead to the new year, understanding that success lies in the vision of its leader Mr Yerevanian, and in the belief of people that are inspired as one team to building dreams, and shaping realities.