REDPRO and Vision 3970 unveil High Park project in Beit Mery – A village within the city

In a celebratory cocktail that gathered a number of officials and friends as well as media representatives, Vision 3970 and REDPRO Real Estate Development & Promotion announced the opening of High Park its new residential landmark in Beit Mery.

The event allowed attendees to discover the project’s attributes, whose construction had already started, namely its unique location: in fact, High Park is perfectly situated between Beit Mery, Ain Saadeh and Mansourieh, making it an exclusive address to future residents.

In its boldness to redefine the art of modern living and to abolish the barriers between the evolution and requirements of modern life and the tranquility of nature, High Park will be the first project in Lebanon to embody the concept of “a village within the city”.

Inaugurated by a welcome note from the company’s Executive Director, Mrs. Zainab Jaafar, the ceremony featured a speech by Mr. Ali Abdel Latif, CEO of the group comprising Vision 3970 owner of High Park, STATUMEN contracting company and REDPRO

the Real Estate Development & Promotion Company. Mr. Abdel Latif started high speech with highlighting “the real estate boom witnessed in Lebanon recently, which inadequately reflected the easiness of real estate development, whereas the field encompasses in reality plenty of difficulties and messages. One of the most important messages might be that real estate development is the completion of a human heritage that spans over thousands of years, mainly because architectural buildings are nothing but an assertion of the development of human civilization and the defining landmarks of such civilizations. This is exactly why we, as developers, should work on reflecting our belief in the civilization of our beloved Lebanon.”

Abdel Latif mentioned “a much more important factor that goes beyond stone building, more specifically trust building between the developer and the buyer, a matter that requires years of ongoing efforts and undisputable honesty”. He concluded saying that “the gradual urban crowding of the capital leads to its expansion towards the mountains, which is the reason why we wanted to build a village within the city.” He also thanked architect Charles Hadife, praising his “outstanding work and creativity in designing a real oasis in which green spaces stretch over 15 thousands square meters with construction abiding by the best standards of quality recognized in Europe and the world.”

Abdel Latif’s word succeeded a speech by the Mayor of Beit Mery, Mr. Antoine Maroun, in which the latter praised “the courage of investors alike Mr. Ali Abdel Latif who ventured in big projects like Vision 3970 in desperate times where many Lebanese are pushed to leave the country”. What we’re really witnessing, said Maroun “is a true political and social challenge compelled only by faith in this country and the future of its people, and an economical one given that an initiative of such size undertaken by a Lebanese investor is nothing but an express assertion of his attachment to his land and his determination to contribute in its economy.”

In addition to the unique characteristics and ideal quality and innovation standards that characterizes the group’s projects, High Park introduces state-of-the-art features to the Lebanese real estate development sector. Redefining the housing concept in Lebanon, the luxurious landmark suggests an innovative integral formula that blends the health and tranquility of rural life with the practical requirements of urban lifestyle.

High Park features luxurious apartments ranging from 71 up to 378 SQM, in addition to an array of services and facilities including pools, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a lush park and a common garden, all reviving the beautiful rural setting in a strategic location that’s only few minutes away from the city, and brought to provide residents with an unequaled living experience.

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