BeitMisk’s Santa’s Factory Express bus spreads Christmas cheer around Lebanon

Christmas is a time when every child should experience a magical holiday spirit and unparalleled joy.

As per every year, Santa’s Factory’s main objective is to bring wide smiles to children’s faces.

Because of all hardships faced on a national scale in 2015, Santa’s Factory decided to go on the road as Santa’s Factory Express – an initiative whose focus was to bring less fortunate children the holiday cheer that they deserve.

With that and in partnership with Banque Libano Francaise (BLF), Santa’s Factory Express travelled to four of The Lebanese Association of SOS Children’s Villages on December 10, 11, 12, and 13. Visits were made to the towns of Bhersaf (Metn), Sferay (south), Kferhay (north) and Ksarnaba (Bekaa).

During the four days, BeitMisk employees, dressed as Christmas elves, engaged in heartfelt activities and participated in entertaining workshops with all the children, making the occasion an unforgettable one. Santa Clause distributed countless presents that were donated by Early Learning Center (ELC), and sweet treats were also handed out to everyone on this special day.

“Christmas is a special time for children of all ages and we wanted all of them here to enjoy a magical experience that would otherwise be

unattainable for them”, explained Mrs. Sarah Zard Manoukian, Marketing Manager at BeitMisk. “Through our Express Bus, Santa’s Factory was able to bring joy and hope to the heart of each and every child present at the SOS villages and make everyone believe in the true meaning of Christmas”, she added.

Moreover, BeitMisk decided to parallel the Christmas joy with financial support. With the participation of BLF, BeitMisk employees and management, a donation was made to the SOS villages in order to meet their critical needs. BeitMisk used part of the amount contributed to provide heaters, fridges, and other basic appliances to each of the villages. While the other part of the donation raised was given directly to the SOS management to purchase winter shoes and primary needs for the children, as well as provide the villages’ maintenance costs for a better and more comfortable environment.

Lastly, BeitMisk would like to thank Matisse events, as well as BLF, ELC, and the contribution of BeitMisk’s employees for helping Santa’s Factory Express complete its mission of spreading holiday cheer.


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