PR: $1 Bitcoin 10-year investment would return $183 million with Gold generating $1.58

Gold returns remain fairly constant 

According to the data, $1 invested in Bitcoin nine years ago would have generated $682.37 as of today. The returns would be $1,113.54 after a dollar investment eight years ago. The Buy Shares research overviewed returns from 6th October 2009 and July 27th, 2020. The lowest returns would have been recorded in investment from a year ago at $0.98.

For Gold, the returns have remained fairly constant over the same period averaging at $1.44. Gold’s highest return on a single dollar would have been recorded five years ago at $1.75. One year ago, the dollar investment in Gold would have generated an additional $0.33.

The precious metal’s lowest returns would have been after nine-year investment at $1.19 a slight drop from year eight profit of $1.20. Overall, Bitcoin’s returns from $1 are 116,213 times higher than Gold’s.

From the data, it is clear that Bitcoin has better returns compared to Gold despite a short period of existence. According to Buy Shares report:

“Despite, the digital asset having an upper in terms of returns, replacing Gold is not a walk in the park. Gold has been around for decades than bitcoin. Over the years, Gold has remained lucrative while in the ten life span of Bitcoin, volatility has been a major issue. Gold’s value has been residing in an established history of commercial usage due to its anti-corrosive or conductive properties. For Bitcoin, the value resides in both the future value of online transactions conducted through its networks, but also in a sense of belief that eventually.”

Bitcoin’s price has been growing while Gold has remained constant. Ten years ago, the Bitcoin value was $0.05200 while Gold stood at $1,199. Based on Buy Shares calculations, Bitcoin’s highest price which was recorded a year ago at $9,793 represented a percentage difference of 149.15% compared to Gold’s $1,426.

Gold’s lowest price was during after the five-year investment mark at $1,084 while Bitcoin stood at $289.3. 


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