PepsiCo and SMLCHosted the AMP Bartenders Competition

Beirut, December 2014:PepsiCo and Société Moderne Libanaise Pour Le Commerce organized an exclusive Bartender’s competition on Sunday the 14th of December at Coop D’etat rooftop in Saifi Urban Gardens to promote their new classic AMP energy drink, with over 40 Lebanese bartendersfrom all over Lebanon’s clubs and pubs

In a dynamic and competitive atmosphere, 30 bartenders mixed their signature cocktail with the AMP Classic energy drink being a main ingredient. Every contestant chose a distinguished name for their versatile drinks as those mixes will be featured in a brochure that will be shared with all AMP bars and outlets in Lebanon.

A jury of four “seasoned” members were chosen to evaluate the sizzling cocktails: Editor in Chief of Hospitality News ME – Dereck Issacs, Owner of Blog Baladi – Najib Mitri, Entrepreneur, Bar and F&B connoisseur – Riad Abou Lteif and Sales Director at SMLC Hussein Sannouh.

Based on a set of criteria, the jury chose the “Apple AMP” as the most distinguished mix by Elie Antoun who was named the “Moukhtar el Mix” after receiving the highest rating among all cocktails. The winner was awarded an IPhone 6 and all participants were rewarded with a special AMP Bartender Kit.

“PepsiCo is always keen to introduce new flavors to the market to cater for all tastes. AMP Classic by the makers of Sting is the new edition to AMP portfolio and expected to be highly successful in the local market amongst other brands in terms of taste and affordability. The event was breath taking – what better than to couple fun and positive energy together” said Ms. Maya Minawi.  PepsiCo Brand Manager.

AMP Classic is a premier energy drink by PepsiCo and Société Moderne Libanaise Pour Le Commerce with its energizing blend of B-vitamins and a specially formulated intense combination of Maurine, oriental ginseng and Guarana. AMP Energy provides the power needed to tackle everything in life, day or night. Great Taste & a special combination of ingredients that fuel the mental, physical and emotional energy.



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