OTOKAR vectio, takes you on a tour of technology, ecology and comfort!

A.N.Boukather launched the 2015 OTOKAR Vectio on the 22nd of July 2014 in their headquarters in Nahr el mot for the first time in Lebanon.

It was a pleasure having his Excellency, Mr. Inan Ozyldiz, Turkish ambassador in Lebanon, supporting the brand’s success as well as many well reputed transportation companies who attended the ceremony

A.N Boukather seized this opportunity to announce two main achievements:

First, the introduction of the 2015 Vectio model, Euro 5 engine, which is the first 40 passenger’s touristic bus in Lebanon.

Second, upgrading the Navigo engine from Euro 2 to Euro 4 which is much better technologically in terms of fuel consumption, CO2 emission and comfort

A.N.Boukather is proud to be the pioneer in launching this kind of technology in the Lebanese bus industry and to possess a well trained after sale team ready to carry out the maintenance in its workshop.

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