Boecker®extends awareness on Water Hygiene and Sanitation to Public Schools

Beirut, 29 October 2014: In the course of implementing a memorandum of understanding with the Rotary Clubs of Lebanon, Boecker®, the leading provider of a holistic range of Public Health services covering Pest Management, Food Safety and Biosecurity in the region, held a “Train the Trainer” session to Rotaractors (Rotary Youth Clubs) who will be in charge of spreading this knowledge to students in public schools. This educational activity was held by Boecker®’s experts on Saturday October 25th at Boecker® headquarters in Beirut.


The workshop tackled the importance of consuming clean filtered water versus the side effects of contaminated water, as well as the threats of food poisoning resulting from drinking polluted water. Joelle Gharib, Food Safety Consultant at Boecker, highlighted the need to consume clean water, and underlined its benefits given the positive impact it has on our health.


Speaking about this initiative, BanaKobrosly, Country Manager at Boecker® explained, “These sessions are part of the holistic cooperation program that was initiated by Rotary on providing clean water to public schools, and are meant to raise awareness and transfer vital knowledge about drinking and using clean water.  Together, Boecker® and Rotary join hands to inform students more about good hygiene practices, warn them about the dangers of consuming unclean water and stay safe from pollution, which is posing a real threat on public health nowadays.”


Ms. Najah Elias, Vice District Rotaract Representative, stated on behalf of all the attendees, how beneficial this session was and Rotaractors’ main task now is to pass this knowledge to students at public schools, which will lead to a less diseases, healthier generation and consequently a better education.


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