Bankmed unveils its new logo and identity

Beirut – June 2, 2015: Bankmed, one of the top-tier banks in Lebanon, recently unveiled its new identity through a twofold advertising campaign. The Bank launched a new logo as well as a slogan that embraces its core values.

For the past 70 years, the Bank’s mission has been to provide tailored financial solutions that are best suitedfor its clients’ needs. The latest signature asserts the Bank’s customer-centric approach by rebranding its identity into modern and friendly image.

“YOU! Count,” the newly announced slogan is focused on the customers, who constitute the essence of Bankmed’s culture. The slogan clearly highlights how Bankmed acts as its customers’ best partner, supporting them in every step of the way. As for the logo, it is characterized by its fresh blue color as well as itsmodern, dynamic and youthfuldesign. Thehas become the emblem for the brand,reflecting the unlimited and customized banking services.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. MohammedHariri, Chairman of the Board at Bankmed, stated: “Without innovationthere is nochange, and with change comes creativity and the incentive for improvement.  We aimed for a new identity and positioning because we want our image to remain relevant to the growing technologies and evolving markets. We also aim to reflect our dynamic approach and innovative spirit through this rebranding.”

“Our success for the past 70 years is due to your support, and we will continue the journey together, thriving together. “YOU! Count,” he concluded.

In his turn, Bankmed’s Executive General Manager, Mr. Mohamed Ali Beyhum added, “This rebranding falls within the numerous achievements that Bankmed realized over the last few years. We take pride in the successes achieved throughout the Bank, which enabled us to widen our client base, locally and abroad. We are also proud to be the first bank in the MENA region to open at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) under a Category 1 license.”


A teaser-revealer format campaign took place across Lebanon revealing the new identity, which reinforces the Bank’s incessant efforts in supporting its clientele in realizing their ambitions and catering to their evolving needs.

As manifested by its new signature, Bankmed will continue to strive in providing a unique and excellent banking experience to its clients.


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