Bank Audi Launches New Banking Service in Partnership with GRGBanking and LEVANTNET

Bank Audi Launches New Banking Service

Beirut, May 14, 2019

Bank Audi has announced the launch, in partnership with GRGBanking and LEVANTNET, of the first bundle cash deposit service in Lebanon.

Bank Audi deployed GRGBanking’s intelligent deposit machines in its branches to increase convenience for its customers, and optimise efficiency and security. The service, provided by GRGBanking through LEVANTNET, is a comprehensive solution which allows customers to deposit large amounts of cash through a flexible, user-friendly interface, without having to wait for their turn at the counter.

The P2800L self-service machine, which is comprised of high speed, large capacity, banknote validation, sorting, and serial number tracking, can be applied in any scenario with big volume cash transactions, especially since the software component allows tellers to execute transactions and finalise the bulk deposit at the end of the day. Bank Audi’s branch network currently enjoys 4 installations in different Lebanese regions, and more applications pertaining to companies and malls are being considered. Once again, Bank Audi differentiates itself from other banks by emphasizing on frontier technologies, an area GRGBanking has been consistently focusing on, together with innovating branch transformation. Today’s step is an additional pledge from both institutions to keep delivering a compelling, enriched customer experience


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