T. Gargour &Fils shines winning the ‘Golden Employee Award’ in the Trade Industry sector


  1. Gargour & Fils s.a.l – Mercedes-Benz sole & exclusive agent for Daimler in Lebanon – was honoured to have their ‘Employee of the Year’, Eleny Caponis, credited with the ‘Golden Employee Award’, at the Sapphire Award ceremony held in Biel, on May1st, 2016; excelling in a range of criteria, based on public speaking skills, performance, creativity and ability to apply persuasive strategies.

Mr. Stephan Hajji Touma, Chairman of the T. Gargour & Fils Board of Directors, who credited the success to the hard work of the organization said: “our success shows our dedication to creating the best environment for employees so that we can provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.” And he added “the driving force behind our company’s achievements will always be our dedicated team whose skills and loyalty are essential to our continuing growth”.

Mr. Cesar Aoun, General Manager of Mercedes-Benz and smart at T. Gargour & Fils, commented: “This recent achievement is yet another milestone in the process of celebrating outstanding professionalism for T. Gargour & Fils. Reward programs further enhance employee appreciation and aim to push the boundaries to encourage every team member to do the utmost in order not only to be acknowledged, but also compensated for a job well done.”

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