Dubai, 19 November 2020Hyundai Motor has introduced a new range of variants under the eight-generation Sonata, offering a bespoke performance to customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Hyundai highlighted the completely new design and futuristic technology available with 2.5 GDi, N Line and Hybrid variants of Sonata, Hyundai’s longest-standing and most successful model.

The 2.5 GDi engine comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission with high-efficiency combustion. It boasts a generous 191 horsepower at 6,100 rpm and 181 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,000 rpm while providing a better fuel economy compared to previous models.

Sonata N Line provides an attractive entry point to Hyundai’s high-performance N Brand, distinguished by N Line-specific design and performance upgrades. It has a tremendous amount of low and mid-range torque and the motor pulls strongly all the way to its redline, producing 290 horsepower which makes Sonata N Line the most powerful Sonata ever. Sonata N Line will be available in the Saudi Arabia from the beginning of 2021.

Among the several advanced features of the Sonata Hybrid variant is the Solar Roof, which charges the vehicle’s battery through solar power and will prove to be a gamechanger in the region. Charging for 5.8 hours per day adds 1,300 km per year to the total driving distance and the solar roof also functions to reduce the incidences of battery discharge.

Bang Sun Jeong, Vice President, Head of Middle East & Africa Operation at Hyundai, said: “Sonata has established itself as one of the longest-standing and most successful models in the global market and is part of Hyundai’s legacy.

“The new-generation Sonata is a fully transformed vehicle packed with advanced personalization technology, a new platform and an array of ADAS technologies. We are confident that our customers will be pleasantly surprised by this innovative new model.”

Another key feature that has been introduced in the Sonata line-up for the region is the Abaya sensor. Tailored to Saudi female drivers, the Abaya Sensor alerts the customer with a sound if their abaya is stuck in the door before they drive.

Hyundai has also launched the Sonata Fandom Challenge, giving residents in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah an opportunity to win one of three Sonata 2.5 GDi models.

Running until 7th December, participants can enter the challenge by visiting and choose between a Sonata 2.5 GDi, Sonata N Line or a Sonata Hybrid. Once selected, they can open the AR camera filter on their smartphone and zoom, rotate or move the Sonata in any position. After taking the picture, they can fill in their details and upload it on the website before sharing it on Instagram. Hyundai Motor Company will reveal the winners on 22nd December.


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