GEELY Buy-Back Guarantee Program

It is said that buying a vehicle is the second largest investment in a person’s life.   That’s why it is imperative to choose the right vehicle from the right distributor and for the right investment amount.

In its 70 year history, the Rasamny family name has been the expert in the automotive industry when purchasing a vehicle, be it from the trust the company provides, to the customer experience, to the best aftersales service in Lebanon.

Today, Rasamny Automotive Industries, member of the Rasamny Group, exclusive & sole distributor of Geely vehicles in Lebanon,  the number 1 Chinese brand for the last three years and owner of VOLVO cars as well as many other prestigious automotive brands, is proud to introduce the; “Buy-Back Guarantee Program” on all its Geely vehicles.

The Buy-Back Guarantee program offers customers the peace of mind they look for when investing in a new brand.   With this program, customers purchasing a GEELY vehicle today have the confidence when deciding to exchange their vehicle in 5 year time.

At the time of purchase, the vehicle trade-in price from the first year until the fifth, is given to the customer based on a clear and chronologically designed appraisal, taking into consideration a defined set of Terms & Conditions.

The “Buy Back Program” coupled with GEELY’s 5 years or 150,000Km warranty (whichever comes first), offers its customers peace of mind & worry free products & services to ensure our customers enjoy the best experience before & after purchasing their vehicles.

Despite the difficult situation that our beloved country is passing through, Rasamny Automotive Industries strives to find opportunities in challenges; the company has launched Geely showroom on Dbayeh highway facing Le Mall covering a 650 sqm space offering its customers an outstanding customer experience as well as a new service center in Dekwaneh which provides unmatched service whilst ensuring total transparency. 

Visit , @GeelyLebanon or call 81 018055 to know more 

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