Antoine Saab, Rima Koteich El Husseini and Rana Koteich Najjar: Three Entrepreneurs from Lebanon Join Endeavor’s Global Network of High-Impact Entrepreneurs at the 59th International Selection Panel in Amman

Beirut, July 9th , 2015 – Three High-Impact Entrepreneurs from Lebanon got selected at Endeavor’s 59th International Selection Panel in Amman earlier last month. Antoine Saab, founder of power storage and management company Energy 24, Rima Koteich El Husseini and Rana Koteich Najjar, founders of luxury confectionary and gift company Blessing, have now joined Endeavor Lebanon’s previously-selected entrepreneurs to receive support and mentorship from the organization’s 150 mentors and  10 partners in Lebanon, in addition to over 2500 mentors from around the world. Today, Endeavor Lebanon’ 24 entrepreneurs are leading 18 companies, generating more than $76 million into the economy and employing more than 1,185 people.


Saab’s innovative and cost-effective power storage and generation solution promises to solve one of Lebanon’s major problems, while the government’s power provision matches only 60% of the citizens’ electricity needs and power outages add up to two to twelve hours daily. Energy24 batteries work to stock large amounts of energy while the power is on and deliver a continuous stream of power for up to 72 hours, offering an energy storage solution that provides savings of 60% on total energy bills. “My vision is to revolutionize and develop solutions for intermittent power in all developing countries, and I chose Lebanon as the place to start. Endeavor’s valuable mentorship will provide the much-needed guidance and support we need to commercialize our systems and expand to meet market opportunities”, said Saab.


Blessing, co-founded by sisters Rima and Rana Koteich, fulfills a regional customer need for a one-stop-shop for upscale and customizable quality chocolate and gifts, in an Arab world where gifts and sweets are an integral part of every celebration. Realizing that customization is key in consumer behavior nowadays, Blessing tailors its sweets for regional tastes and gives customers the option of customizing all aspects of the gift, including the chocolate flavor, the box color and extra decorations. Hired by the

Clooneys among other celebrities and royals, Blessing stands out as a promising brand that is expected to franchise quickly across the Middle East. Meanwhile, the entrepreneurs leading it act as genuine ambassadors for the Lebanese gift-giving culture to the world. “We are blessed to be selected by Endeavor just ahead of our next phase of expansion. Endeavor’s critical guidance on our growth strategy, organizational structuring and advice on franchise and partnership agreements is of paramount importance  as we plan to quintuple our store footprint by 2018”, said the sisters Koteich.


Commenting on the new entrepreneurs’ joining Endeavor Lebanon, at the ISP meeting in Amman, Tarek Sadi, Managing Director of Endeavor Lebanon stated: “We are thrilled to find entrepreneurs like Antoine, innovating to solve our country’s pressing problems, and talented women entrepreneurs like Rima and Rana, breaking cultural stereotypes and shining their success across the Arab World.  Up to this point, Endeavor Lebanon currently supports 24 entrepreneurs, a considerable power for change that is relentlessly working to transform Lebanon’s economy”.

The three Lebanese entrepreneurs were selected along a total of 20  entrepreneurs from 10 countries,  at the 59th Endeavor ISP in Amman, to join the Endeavor Network. Endeavor now supports 1,102 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 694 companies across the 23 markets where it operates. Endeavor Lebanon continues to look for ambitious , High-Impact Entrepreneurs with leadership potential to grow, create jobs and accelerate the country’s economic growth. Please visit the Endeavor Lebanon website for more information


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