OMT Visa Prepaid Card A card with two balances: US Dollars and Lebanese Pounds

Beirut, July 2021

OMT announces the launch of its Visa Prepaid Card issued by BLOM BANK. The card boasts two balances: US Dollars and Lebanese Pounds. The USD balance gives cardholders international access by allowing online purchases, in-store shopping, and ATM withdrawals everywhere in the world. While with the LBP balance, cardholders can settle payments and withdraw money locally. Cardholders can also reload and withdraw money from the card, in USD and LBP, through more than 1,200 OMT locations across Lebanon or through BLOM BANK ATMs. Customers can apply for the card at any OMT location and receive it at the BLOM BANK branch of their choosing.

At the launch event, OMT Chairman Toufic Mouawad stated, “The OMT Visa Card, a payment method giving customers the freedom of using USD and LBP balances at their discretion, comes in line with a grander strategy of catering to the needs of our customers through innovative digital solutions.”

Visa’s General Manager of the Levant and Pakistan Cluster Mohanish Agni, said: “The OMT Visa prepaid card is flexible and secure, not to mention convenient, offering customers many of the same features as a Visa credit or debit card and can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted in Lebanon or at Visa’s 70 million merchants worldwide. The OMT Visa prepaid card will enable consumers to fully enjoy the benefits of digital commerce and we are delighted to partner with OMT and BLOM BANK in bringing it to Lebanon.”

Jocelyne Chahwan, Deputy CEO and Head of Retail Banking at BLOM BANK added that “this partnership with OMT falls under the bank’s financial inclusion strategy, and reinforces our mission to provide an electronic payment tool across the entire Lebanese territories, serving as an extension to our branch network, especially in remote areas.”

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