Banking bulletins

Global Investment Banking Revenue Hit $56.1bn in September, a 9% Jump Year-on-Year

The devastating coronavirus outbreak left a huge mark on the global banking industry, causing significant drops in banks` market capitalization and cutting their profits in the first months of 2020. However, the frenzied trading around the COVID-19 crisis helped the world’s largest investment banks boost their trading and investment banking revenues and to better position

BLOM Lebanon PMI: Macro highlights – August 2020

During the month of August, international countries continued to move beyond Coronavirus crisis and ease lockdowns which was translated in higher PMI index readings compared to the month of July. In details, PMI index of the USA, Eurozone, UK, Russia and Australia among others rose to stand approximately at 50 points, 55, 57, 57, and

Market Cap of the Global Banking Market Fell to €5.3trn in Q2 2020, a 28% Plunge Year-on-year

The coronavirus outbreak caused significant instability and high volatility in global capital markets, and the financial sector has been one of the most affected. Banking stocks’ performance was strongly impacted during the COVID-19 crisis, causing bank valuations to plunge in countries across the globe. According to data presented by, the market capitalization of the global

BLOM Lebanon PMI: Macro highlights – July 2020

During July, Lebanon continued to ease lockdowns and businesses reopened leading to a PMI reading of 44.9, up from 43.2 in June. However, the overall Lebanese business environment remained negative. In fact, Lebanon has been in severe economic, financial and social crisis mode since at least October 2019, which weak institutions and governance strength appear

Banque BEMO believes in Lebanon

Beirut, August 06, 2020: As we are all mourning our beloved ones, our injured, our emotionally scarred, our lost properties, it is not the time to renounce and lose hope. We, BEMO, offer our condolences and our compassion to all Lebanese sharing all your grieves. But we should never give up. As BEMO, we will

EBRD boosts investment in Morocco in H1/20

Investments by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in Morocco rose close to €300 million in the first half of 2020 compared to more than €110 million in 2019  as the Bank responded rapidly to the liquidity needs of the country grappling with the impact of the coronavirus. EBRD rolled out its first project under