“THE WRAITH” by Tony Mhanna steals the spotlight during Beirut Art Week!

Beirut 2019

As part of Beirut Art Week, the artist Tony Mhanna inaugurated his photography exhibition entitled “THE WRAITH” from 17th till the 24th of September, 2019 at Le Gray Hotel. More than 50 artists participated in the exhibition, yet the talented Mhanna was distinguished by his breathtaking display of 5 pictures.

Professional photographers, painters, architects and media figures were amazed by Tony Mhanna’s work and concept. “THE WRAITH” is a search mission, a ghost hunt and a story of revival at those beautifully haunted Lebanese houses.

About Tony Mhanna

Tony Mhanna is a Mechanical Engineer, as well as an Explorer, Photographer, and Visual Artist. Deeply moved by the scars and sorrows of the war, as well as his eagerness to showcase Lebanese patriotism, he focuses on recounting the forgotten or untold stories of a nation through his art, recalling the past, framing present and setting the scene for future.