“Rotary Beirut Cedars” offered 40.000 books to “NABU” museum And IT equipment to the Annunciation Orthodox College and Mekhitarist Father’s School

Last September, the Rotary Club Beirut Cedars offered a set of in-kind donations that included computers and IT equipment to two schools in Beirut and North Metn, and tens of thousands of books to a public library in North Lebanon.

The club stressed in a statement that these donations, which it secured in cooperation with a number of “Rotary” clubs and institutions in France, Germany and the United States, “aimed to support the institutions of both the educational and cultural sectors that characterize Lebanon, to help them continue their services at the same high level despite these difficult circumstances the country is facing.”

On September 16, the Rotary Club Beirut Cedars offered the Beirut Annunciation Orthodox College a donation worth 12,500 euros, consisting of 38 IT equipment. The club provided this equipment with the sponsorship of Rotary Clubs Ensishem- France D-1618 and Neuburg/Donau-Germany D-1841. The school principal, Mrs. Gia Khoury Suifan, received the equipment from the current club president, Ronald Farra, in the presence of a number of members.

On September 17, the club donated ten laptops worth USD 4000 to the Mekhitarist Father’s School in Rawda. The gift delivered by Farra, was received by the Head of the Mekhitarist Order in the Middle East and Lebanon, Monsignor Mesrob Solahian and School Principal, Mrs. Marie Ghazarian Goronlian.

The club also provided 40,000 books worth $400,000 to the Nabu Museum Public Library on El Heri Beach in Batroun, sponsored by Rotary Clubs of Texas in the United States, and the Second Wind Foundation in Texas, USA. The museum’s founding partner, Jawad Adra, revealed the recognition sign during a ceremony held on September 25, followed by a tour of the museum and a visit to Anfeh, salt lakes and historical monuments.

In recent months, the club had worked to support the health sector to enable it to face the Covid-19 pandemic, and contributed to the rehabilitation of hospitals damaged by the explosion of the Port of Beirut on August 4, 2020. The club also continued to provide food rations to a number of needy families, in cooperation with a number of non-governmental organizations.

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