LOYAC’s film camp 4th edition screening

On May 29, 2021, LOYAC’s Film Camp-in its fourth edition-is hosting a closing ceremony and film screening at Hagop Der Melkonian’s theater in Bourj Hammoud. The screening includes a showcase of five short films produced and directed by the participants during LOYAC’s film camp in 2020.

LOYAC Lebanon launched the second edition of the Film Camp in March 2020; the fourth edition in the regional program. Aiming to provide the participants with an opportunity to produce and direct their own film and acquire practical experience, LOYAC Film Camp is a 12-month intensive filmmaking program that offers workshops in screenwriting, production, directing, screenwriting, production design, and post-production. Under the supervision of professionals in the filmmaking field, students of the program learned how to develop their skills in stages of pre-production, production, and post-production. The participants formed five teams, and each team successfully produced a short film with an important message to deliver. The camp was concluded with five short films ready to be sent to film festivals around the world, increasing their chances of starting their careers in the film industry.

Today, LOYAC celebrates creating a community of young and talented filmmakers. LOYAC is looking forward to 2021-the fifth session-where 60 students were selected out of 150 who applied from all over the Middle East region. LOYAC aims to be a hub for the entire region, gathering students to benefit from the unique and vastly growing community that has been built in Beirut.

“I started my career as an editor in LOYAC’s film camp, and the camp was an opportunity for me to tell my story through my work which made more confident in my abilities. Today, I am joining LOYAC’s film camp in its new edition as a writer and director,” said participant Sara Saffieddine.

LOYAC Film Camp falls under the umbrella of LOYAC’ mission, which is concerned with the comprehensive and integrated development of youth by providing educational artistic programs for youth in the Arab world, encouraging them to achieve themselves and invest in their talents. LOYAC’s mission is to empower the youth through unique opportunities to help them evolve into highly effective global citizens. LOYAC saw the need to support talented youth in the film industry, whether be it financially or morally, and help them launch their career in this industry.

“The difficult situation that Lebanon is going through has affected the youth. Under these circumstances, the participants in LOYAC’s film camp demonstrated their need to express themselves, and one of most beautiful means of self-expression is through Cinema. We hope that the local and international communities will listen to the struggles of Arab youth through their artistic voices,” said Film Camp Supervising Producer Dima Al Ansari.