Look behind the facade at this new art exhibition

COYA Abu Dhabi starts the new year with contemporary ‘Colors of Life’
A new year brings a new art exhibition to COYA Abu Dhabi.
The Peruvian venue will welcome vibrant artwork from Thomas Salamonski, a contemporary painter from Austria.
Salamonski’s ‘Colors of Life’ is an adaptation of his “Squared Faces’ exhibition which was first successfully presented in Vienna as part of a vernissage and subsequent event for a broad art-interested audience.
Since then, more new paintings have been born and artworks of animals now complement the colorful portraits – hence the change of name. Colors of Life will feature portraits with a colour style that reminds the viewer of the graffiti and pop culture in the 80s, but at the same time makes the viewer think of sacral stained glass with the use of a gold leaf layer.
These contrasts run through each painting, and the corners and edges continue in round lines, and through the use of light and shadow they reveal a face in all its dimensions.
Using these technique gives the audience the choice on how deeply they want to immerse themselves in the consideration of these layers and forms. It’s seen as a reflection on everyday life in terms of how far we want to look behind the facade of a human being. Guests are invited to view Colors of Life when it opens on 25th February 2020, with 13 pieces, one of which has never been exhibited before.
The artwork will be hung throughout the COYA Abu Dhabi venue so guests can experience the art whether dining on the delicious Peruvian cuisine or enjoying the speciality drinks at the bar.

About the Artist Thomas Salamonski is a contemporary painter who lives and works in Vienna, Austria. He was born into an artistic family – his mother, uncle and grandfather painted – and as such he played and worked with pencil and paper at a very young age. He attended a school for art and fashion in Vienna where he learned to work with different techniques and materials, his preference being oil and acrylic paint. During this time, he also discovered his passion for gold and learned to work with different types of metals. He first considered becoming a goldsmith but with time his passion for painting and photography grew stronger. After finishing school, he continued learning and developing further techniques through self-study. Some years later he chose to continue his education with a degree in photography and graduated with honors.

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