Georgio Copter spreads the Lebanese Wings of Freedom Beirut, November 2019

Since October 17th 2019, Lebanon has been witnessing a major revolution against corruption. People from all over the country are expressing their demands and needs in various ways.

The Lebanese people should learn how to be free from repression. The wings are the symbol of freedom that is very much needed in Lebanon” says the young artist and Snapchat lens creator Georgio Bassil – Georgio Copter – while drawing an artistic graffiti of wings painted in the colors of the Lebanese flag.

Coming from Riad el Soleh to Martyr’s square, you can easily spot the “Wings of Freedom” graffiti that can be activated on Snapchat if you follow the steps below.

  1. Scan the Snapchat code
  2. Unlock the lens for 48 hours
  3. Point your Snapchat camera towards the graffiti
  4. Enjoy the wings popping up as augmented reality!

All protestors are indulging in the “Wings of Freedom” graffiti while experiencing the lens that authenticates these historial moments in which the people of Lebanon are taking part in.

And when art meets revolution, long live Napoleon Bonaparte who once said: Until your spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can fly”.

About Georgio Bassil – Georgio Copter

Georgio Bassil is a 24 year old interior architect designer who’s best known for his Snapchat monster “Copter”. In 2016, Georgio won the award for the Best Snapchat Artist at “The Ghosties awards” in London. 2 years later, he got nominated for Snapchatter of the year at “The Shorty Awards” in New York (the biggest social media award event in the world) and was amongst the 6 finalists. Nowadays, Georgio Bassil is an official lens creator on Snapchat and a full time content creator on social media such as Instagram.