Octobre 17th, 2018 – October 25th, 2018

Ghandour Gallery Space

Minet el Hosn, Beirut, Downtown

For her new solo exhibition, Liane Mathes Rabbath’s loyal cigarette papers are interwoven, bent and twisted into “éclats de rêve,” or “dream bursts.”

She picks up the Arty Bubble motif which she develops further – these bubbles sparkling with life and energy, almost cunning, matching the colours of the rainbow, playing with infinite cylical rythms, not only mysterious but also playful, like stars shining in the sky.

“Dream bursts”: like a burst of sunshine to keep up the spirit; like the light which is essential to her work; like the gold leaves which she introduces in her artwork for the first time – her work is in constant evolution.

These bubbles – whether coloured or woven with white and golden threads – burst with emotion. They guide the work of Liane Mathes Rabbath which is deeply rooted in the material. Through the little openings of emotion, she invites us to enter her world, this parallel world in which the sight becomes pleasure, where geometry is play, where abstraction is a sensation