CIVVIES Launches Its First Collection of Sustainable Fashion


Beirut, October 31st, 2018: CIVVIES, the all Lebanese sustainable fashion brand that’s only ethically producing unique eco-friendly garments and fashion accessories, has celebrated it’s official launch on the 31s t of October at KED Beirut. The brand introduced over 265 attendee to it’s concept through its first collection, Crops.

The event was attended by public figures from the entrepreneurial ecosystem, fashion community, media, and a stream of well-known influencers and style icons. The attendees reported to the event in support of the sustainability message carried by the brand, along with its efforts towards driving slow and ethical fashion forward. An overall ardent and celebratory tone ruled the zero-waste event while the crowd sipped on organic wine in the mid of exquisite styling accomplished by the brand’s very own team in collaboration with TARE. Attention to details was well manifested.

Furthermore, the newly established fashion brand managed to tie up with top tier influencers such as Tracy Ghazal and Gino Raidy, customizing special garments that reflect their daily lifestyle after carrying dedicated fitting sessions. Other notable faces from the community of stylists, designers and influencers joined; to name few: Tony Ward, Zeina Makki, Roni Helou, Lyne Ghandour, Hanine Abdelrahman, Sarah Hermez, Serge Majdalany, Tracy Ghazal, Ghyda Helou, Gino Raidy and many others. In addition to that, press representatives and bloggers joined reflecting on the events in numerous social media posts that followed.

In her opening speech, the founder, Aya Hoteit, thanked everyone who contributed to the realization of CIVVIES launch and emphasized the fact that CIVVIES, as an all-sustainable rising fashion brand, uses organic material and ethical production to offer unique products where none is like the other. The process leaves little to no waste behind, “barely enough to fill one tote”, and “clients would only wear what they see”. The latter reflected on the fact that the collection featured 50 plus items produced over hours each, was dyed using natural plants and detailed with non-toxic paint to insure premium quality. Afterwards, Hazem Kais, CIVVIES’ fashion designer behind Crops, invited the attendees to “experience the collection for themselves ” and described the process to many interested viewers.

The invitees savored the event, and were obviously impressed by the high quality unique and minimalistic designs that the brand has presented in its first collection, along with them being the most functional and versatile. Based on the community’s feedback, viewing sessions will follow to offer interested individuals the chance to purchase garments of choice before this limited collection is totally sold out.


To the editor about CIVVIES:

CIVVIES started as a university project and became the 1s t experimental label that produces eco-friendly designs in Lebanon. It’s a brand supporting sustainable fashion and minimalistic designs, in the aim of producing ethical garments in every way possible, fit for all occasions, and being functional and versatile yet unique. The techniques used in the production are mainly manual, whether it is the process of crafting or the hand-painting, producing an ethical creation.