BeitMisk presents: Summer Misk festival 10, 11 and 12 of July

Yuri Buenaventura

Summer Misk festival has come to life in its inaugural year with three nights of extraordinary performances. One of the pillars of the BeitMisk philosophy is to reflect Lebanon’s affinity to arts and culture, and Summer Misk is its heartfelt contribution.

BeitMisk, in partnership with Banque Libano-Française, presents the Summer Misk festival in the heart of the Metn area, which will surely become a fixture in Lebanon’s summer calendar. This year, there is a stellar line up of unique artists, each delivering their own brand of entertainment: Gypsy music maestro Goran Bregovic, Salsa and Latin jazz master Yuri Buenaventura, and on the 11th Summer Misk promises a night to remember with a surprise act.

People can live the full festival experience starting at 7pm at the panoramic Sunset bar overlooking Beirut and the Mediterranean, and cuisine stands offering a variety of specialty foods. The summer mood will be amplified with a DJ on deck and live nightly performances by DJette, Caline Chidiac, and DJ Mass from Virgin Radio Lebanon.

We hope that the coming years bring Summer Misk growth, and that we continue to present world-class musicians and artists from all corners of the world on beautiful summer nights like these.

Summer Misk Program

July 2014 

10 July, 2014

Yuri Buenaventura

Salsa and Latin Master

One of the brightest talents to come out of South America, Colombian Salsa Master, Yuri Buenaventura proudly displays his roots and, to prove it, the artist adopted the name of his birthplace for the stage: Buenaventura. Yuri has earned his fame with his amazing cover of “Ne me quitte pas” in 1996, and has since been warming the hearts of salsa lovers the world over. Yuri has dazzled music lovers everywhere with unforgettable and expansive sounds that range from swing and big-band in Guajiro del Monte, to moving and emotion-stirring in Donde Estas.

His striking voice brings to mind the salsa legends of the past, blending his modern sounds with the brilliantly memorable Latin beat that you can’t help but move to.

With a career spanning twenty years, Yuri has maintained his authenticity, and his music is still strongly influenced by Afro-Caribbean rhythm. With his new masterpiece album “Historia de un amor” Yuri has fully assumed the legacy of lyricism and music.

12 July, 2014

Goran Bregovic

Gypsy Music Maestro

 Goran Bregovic the Balkan musical genius describes himself simply as a contemporary composer. Why then does his contemporary sound differ from music of other contemporary composers?

Famous for music that the soul recognizes instinctively and the body greets with an irresistible urge to dance, Goran marked his footprint in the music world with motion picture soundtracks. After “Times of the Gypsies” Goran had a free hand to compose the original soundtrack for “Arizona Dream”.  The music lives up to the film – poetic, original and incredibly enhancing. Patrice Chereau entrusted him with the music for “La Reine Margot”, Palme d’Or winner at the Cannes Film Festival in 1994.  Goran delivered a majestic piece with rock accents.He has since devoted himself to the interpretation of his own music and lent himself to a second stage-career.

Now an established composer and guitar player, his love for rock ‘n roll influences his music to form a beautiful combination of the traditional and modern.

Each concert will be preceded and followed by a set from the talented DJs:

Djette playing on July 10

DJ Mass playing on July 11

Caline Chidiac playing on July 12


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