Statement attributable to the Spokesman of theSecretary-General on the formation of a new Government in Lebanon

TheSecretary-General welcomes today’s announcement of the formation of a new Government ofnational accord in Lebanon. He congratulates Prime Minister SaadHariri on the swift process and encourages Lebanon’s politicalleaders to build on the momentum of national unity.

TheSecretary-General pays tribute to outgoing Prime Minister Tamman Salam forhis leadership.

TheSecretary-General hopes that the new Government will ensure that thecountry’s forthcoming parliamentary election is successfullyconducted within the timeframe set by the constitution.

The United Nations looks forward toworking with the new Government to continue to address political,security and humanitarian challenges, improve socioeconomicprospects, and ensure the effective implementation of Security Councilresolution 1701 (2006) and other relevant resolutions, whichremain essential to the stability of Lebanon and the region.

NewYork, 18 December 2016