Lufthansa: 60 years of outstanding service to Beirut

Lufthansa Lockheed L 1049 G "Super Constellation" auf dem Flughafen Beirut (1956)

Foto: Deutsche Lufthansa AG / 12.09.1956


On September 12th 1956, the first Lufthansa flight touched down at Beirut International Airport (now Rafic Hariri International Airport), linking the vibrant city with Lufthansa’s growing global route network of the time. The post war Lufthansa German Airlines had been launched 18 months earlier and already was able to link cities in the Near East operating the Super Constellation four-engine turbo-prop aircraft.

The initial routing for the two weekly flights at the time saw LH 620 begin its journey in Hamburg, stopping in Frankfurt, Munich, Istanbul and Beirut with onward legs alternating between Baghdad and Tehran.

As Lufthansa marks its 60th anniversary, the airline is proud to have supported the customers in Lebanon as it brings passengers – business and leisure, from all corners of the earth. Today, Lufthansa German Airlines serves Beirut daily from Frankfurt, thanks to the steady growth of travel between Lufthansa’s Global gateways and Lebanon.

On the occasion of its jubilee, Tamur Goudarzi-Pour, Lufthansa Vice President, Sales and Services Middle East & Africa, is in Beirut to celebrate the milestone and look towards the future of greater support.

“Lufthansa has a heritage encompassing 90 years of aviation expertise and the Lebanese route has been part of that for 60 years. Drawing vigour from our own experience is the desire to continue our leadership role in aviation staying number one in reaching new destinations from our main hub in Frankfurt and building up on our strengths. And as part of our commitment in Lebanon, have entered into an important initiative to invest in community-focused projects. Through this partnership, we wish to help the Lebanese community in taking care of the victims of crisis conflict,” noted Goudarzi-Pour.