OLX mobile guru tells it all: Take your business Mobile in 2017!

With mobile phone usage growing continuously in recent years, businesses have had to quickly respond to the burgeoning demand of products and services on portable devices. In response to this shift, OLX started focusing on mobile since its launch in Lebanon in 2015 with 90% of users browsing its mobile apps & mobile web in December 2016. OLX Arabia app is ranked as the #1 shopping app in the App Store and Google Play in Lebanon.


Here are a few reasons why you should also take the plunge into the mobile space:

  1. Mobile gives us the freedom and flexibility to manage our lives on the go, with instant access to information, high utility and easy completion of tasks without sitting behind a desk.
  2. Mobile personalizes our experience as apps act as our personal assistants, helping us signup quickly, remembering our preferences, recommending content by matching it to our desires, and doing the heavy lifting on our behalf.
  3. Technology makes it easy to entertain, socialize, learn, travel and trade. We increasingly depend on apps to manage our lives, whether to offload mundane tasks, interact seamlessly or even buy goods online and make payments simply by pointing our phones.
  1. Mobile app technology keeps our personal information safe behind the protection of fingerprint scans, passwords and data encryption.
  1. Familiarity on a mobile app makes buying and selling easier and more comfortable. This is extremely relevant for pre-owned goods, property and cars where information asymmetry between the buyer and seller can reduce trust. More trade leads to more trust and more engaged users. Our teams have found that users respond delightfully simple and familiar experience on mobile devices.
  1. We have found that mobile allows for extending future relationship with users, OLX Lebanon has successfully managed to keep users engaged whether its upgrading a car, buying a dream home or finding the next career.
  1. Last but not least, mobile is not only shaping our future in business, but it is also helping us make the world more sustainable, reduce waste and the appetite for planet’s natural resources.

OLX Lebanon is continuously investing in upgrading the mobile platform to ensure that it remains up-to-date and, more importantly, to provide added benefits to users. In April 2016, OLX Lebanon revealed new user-friendly and easy-to-use features that include: Save Search, Favorites, Chat, Location Search and Location Map.



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