Huawei and Canvas Central collaborate to exhibit at Paris Photo 2016


The #OO Gallery features images captured by the Huawei P9


Beirut, 28 November 2016: At the 20th edition of Paris Photo, Huawei Consumer Business Group and Canvas Central came together to showcase compelling imagery captured by the Huawei P9. The #OO gallery previewed the work of seven international artists as they saw the world through the dual-lens of the P9 smartphone co-engineered with Leica Camera AG.


Paris Photo is an international art fair dedicated to the photographic medium based in the heart of France. The fair was the ideal location to showcase the inspirational photos captured by these artists from across the Middle East and Africa region.


The pictures included a series of unique images, in color or black and white and with different staged and natural lighting. To take these images, Stéphane Lavoué, Hassan Hajjaj, Kares Leroy, Marion Gambin, George Awde, Newsha Tavakolian and Tasneem Alsultan immersed themselves in the environments of the foreign countries they traveled to and shared their perspective through the dual-lens camera of the Huawei P9.


The collaboration is set to launch in the United Arab Emirates soon showcasing the work of four artists.

Hassan Hajjaj – Gnaoua Music 

Hassan Hajjaj, a Moroccan born, London resident is known for his stylized and original photography which earned him the nickname of “Andy Warhol from Marrakech”. AT #OO he is displaying his approach and singular look that are the source of urban portraits, musicians, artists and friends dressed in colorful clothes and unusual, plus flashy accessories.

George Awde – Frontiers 

The American of Lebanese origin, received numerous awards and his work is exhibited and published around the world. His work at #OO is focuses on the relationship one has with oneself and others. His work also reflects how humans can be reconciled with the world.

Newsha Tavakolian – The Refugees 

Newsha Tavakolian is an Iranian artist and self-taught photographer. She covers many conflicts and protests in Iran and through her photography; she aims to invent a new language to circumvent censorship in his country.

In her work, Tavakolian draws portraits of a generation of middle class children whose parents took part in the revolution of 1979 to tell their story and hope for the future.

Tasneem Alsultan – The creative youth of Oman 

Born in the USA, Tasneem Alsutan returned to Saudi Arabia to complete her studies, specializing in sociology and as a photographer, she integrates this into her work. Tasneem captures the cultural and religious celebrations through documentaries and colorful photos. She strives to raise questions surrounding human rights of the country and uses her story-telling experience as an investigative writer and photographer to document issues specific to gender and social concerns in the Gulf. For more information, follow Huawei social media channels.