The Goguikian Foundation Celebrates 4th ranking among more than 800 applicants Shant Vartanian, the third Lebanese Armenian to join the diplomatic corps since 1945!


On Tuesday, March 13, 2018, the Goguikian Foundation celebrated the success of Shant Vartanian, at the entrance competitions of the Foreign Ministry to become only the third Lebanese Armenian to join this ministry since Jean Goguikian in 1945.

Michel Goguikian, president of the executive board presided over the celebrations and congratulated Shant for his ranking 4th among more than 800 applicants and reiterated the support of the Goguikian Foundation for the inclusion of all in the public sector, the bedrock of Good Governance and Democracy.

The Goguikian Foundation, since inception, has offered public services in the form of university scholarships and training and its scholars who currently work at the different ministries and international aid agencies, helping Lebanon, have volunteered more than 10 thousand hours of service to their country, among them more than 3 thousand hours of special education therapy to students with learning difficulties, and more than 4 thousand hours of volunteering for a recycling project for Bourj Hammoud. Through its Al Bayan Award, the Foundation encourages mastery of the Arabic language.

Goguikian, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist living abroad, is joined at the executive board by minister Jean Oghassabian, Director General of the Ministry of Higher Education, Fadi Yarak, the General Secretary of the High Council for Privatization and Partnership, Ziad Hayek, Reverend Dr. Paul Haidostian, the President of Haigazian University, attorney at law, Randa Abousleiman, Mmes Seta Hadeshian, Mireille Khanamerian, Dr. Suzy Semerdjian and the Executive Director, Soheila Hayek.

In his speech, Goguikian praised Ms. Hayek’s efforts in managing the Foundation and “achievements in the service of Lebanon and Lebanese society.”