Rally Dakar Lebanon Team Launches #BeTheDrive Crowd-funding Campaign In support of “Anta Akhi” Association

Rally Dakar Lebanon Team Launches #BeTheDrive Crowd-funding Campaign

Beirut, Lebanon 2017: As they prepare for the 40th edition of Rally Dakar in Latin America in January 2018, Jad Comair and Antoine Iskandar – the first ever Lebanese team to participate in this legendary rally – launch the #BeTheDrive national charity campaign, to support “Anta Akhi” association, taking care of individuals with special needs, and to raise awareness around the world of disability.

The participation of Comair and Iskandar has taken a humanitarian dimension when they announced their partnership with “Anta Akhi” association, by donating all the benefits of such an adventure, in support of the association’s humanitarian mission in its 25th anniversary.

The fund-raising campaign covers a series of initiatives on different levels, including an online portal inviting Lebanese citizens and expats to donate to “Anta Akhi” association, supporting their humanitarian cause, supported by a social media campaign, in addition to partnerships with schools, restaurants, and cinemas, aiming to spread the world to the highest number of people, encouraging them to donate and support the association.

www.dakarlebanon.com/donate/ or call “Anta Akhi” on +961 9 230 650/1/2