Puck Launches New Fresh Dairy Range


Committed to great taste and optimal convenience, Puck has established itself as one of the preferred cheese brands in Lebanon. With a wide range of dairy products designed to make cooking easy and enjoyable, the brand has expanded remarkably throughout the years to produce cheeses, creams, sauces, and a full dairy range, becoming the favorite choice of every chef.

To get even closer to every Lebanese household, Puck has just released its range of fresh products, covering the much-loved Laban and Labneh items. Produced for the first time in Lebanon, the products use fresh milk and natural raw material to deliver a fresh irresistible taste, free from any additive and validated by many of the brand’s consumers.

Completing a trusted array of products, including the famous Halloumi, Akkawi, and Double Crème cheeses, the new fresh range falls in line with the brand’s commitment to go natural and encourage a healthy consumer behavior, promising to refresh taste buds this summer.

Proudly celebrating everyday chef in Lebanon, Puck was voted number one cheese brand in Lebanon based on 2017 Lebanese consumer statistics.