MYTIKAS – Spring Summer 2018


Alaa Najd goes back in time to the glorious ancient Greek era where countless myths and legends predominated. Revolving around powerful invincible gods dwelling on the Mytikas peak of mount Olympus home of the greek deities, Alaa Najd’s SS 18 collection emerged. Inspired by The diverse and fascinating characters of the broad world of greek mythology, the collection’s designs, fabrics and materials were forged focalizing around Hera the goddess of marriage, her sibling Poseidon lord of the sea and his son Pegasus the mesmerizing winged stallion.

Hera’s imprint on the collection shows clearly throughout its bridal aspect, the white colour use, its sensual yet refined femininity and the lys flower pattern embellishments and accessories

Pegasus’ manifestation shines through a range of white tones selection, a minor silver touch, shimmery fabrics as well as meticulous feathery material work and flowy silhouettes ornamented by capes symbolizing the stallion’s wings.

Completing the collection’s main elements is none other than Poseidon represented by its strong character and identity oozing from each and every piece, complemented by trident shaped accessories