Love Stories On Tour

Love Stories On Tour - image 2

They say home is where the heart is, no? Good, ‘cause it’s time for a little voyage. This summer, Love Stories tours the magical island of Ibiza, in a bohemian truck filled with exclusive swimwear items. From the pool to the club and back to the pool – the Love Stories truck will carry the full Swimclub collection, added up with a selection of special gems. Like a modern-day nomad, this love-filled van sets up camp at a new hotspot each week. Keep an eye on Love Stories’ Instagram page to follow its route. The Dutch lingerie brand has long-cherished amour with Ibiza. The Spanish island inspired many Swimclub collections by it’s seventies free- the-nipple vibe, its magical beaches and cheeky nightlife adventures. And since you can never pack enough bikinis, no wonder this is where the pin dropped for a festive tour d’amour. The Love Stories Tour started on June 7th and won’t stop until late September. That means plenty of time to book a ticket.