Lebanon to Participate in World Clean Up Day 2018!

World Clean Up Day 2018 Logo

Lebanon is set to participate in the world’s biggest civic movement, ‘World Clean Up Day’ on September 15, 2018. Billions of tons of trash are discarded illegally every year around the world, polluting the planet and seriously threatening human life, wildlife, soil, water and air. The World Cleanup Day serves the purpose of calling the public, decision-makers and all citizens alike, to take real action in solving the waste problem.

World Cleanup Day is the outcome of a massive volunteer initiative called Let’s Do It!, which began in Estonia in 2008 when 50,000 volunteers (4% of the population) cleaned up 10,000 tonnes of illegal waste in just five hours. Officials estimated that the initiative saved local governments three years of work and 22.5 million Euros. The idea quickly caught on and has since spread globally and become the world’s biggest civic movement.

In Lebanon, Junior Chamber International Lebanon (JCI Lebanon) is the organizing entity of World Clean Up Day. In preparation for this massive international project, the Clean World Conference was held in Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, on January 25, 2018. Two Lebanese delegates from JCI Lebanon, Aline Chirinian (2018 JCI Beirut President  & World Clean Up Day Country Director) and Nadine Dib (2018 JCI Beirut Vice President of International Relations) were among 250 civic leaders from over 90 countries that attended the conference. The three-day conference, organized by Let’s Do It! in partnership with the European Union from European Regional Development Fund and Junior Chamber International.

Participants were presented with the opportunity to network, discuss, collaborate, and learn with each other in order to organize and prepare for one of the most ambitious grassroots initiatives in the world.

JCI Lebanon is currently preparing for this event through recruiting volunteers and building partnerships with the private sector, governmental entities and other non-profit organizations. For those interested in volunteering for the project, kindly fill in the following form: www.bit.ly/jcilebanon.


About JCI:

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a non-profit international non-governmental organization of young people (aged 18 to 40) that is present in over 120 countries with the mission “to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change”.

Junior Chamber International – Lebanon (JCI Lebanon) is the organizer of the World Clean Up Day event in Lebanon.