Lebanon SME Conference and Exhibition (LSMEC-2017) Announced A positive commitment to growth


Organizers of the Lebanon Small and Medium Enterprises Conference and Exhibition (LSMEC-2017) announced that the event will be held on 16 and 17 October 2017 at the Hilton Beirut Metropolitan Palace Hotel, under the patronage of Lebanon’s Ministry of Economy and Trade, with the support with of Banque Du Liban (BDL) and in cooperation with of the ministry of Telecommunications.

According to the organizers, LSMEC-2017 is expected to become “the meeting place for investors, experts, business owners and involved officials to gain invaluable insight about opportunities and challenges for SMEs in Lebanon along with the means to support this slice of the economy in the most practical manner.”

With nearly 300 expected attendees, LSMEC-2017 is expected to highlight the big progress by the Lebanese government to support the country’s vibrant SME sector after developing highly advanced world-class support programmes and frameworks In this regard.

In its first edition in Lebanon, the event will be held under the slogan, ‘UNLEASHING GROWTH POTENTIAL.”


It is expected to cover key topics with over 30 Lebanese, regional and international expert speakers who will share their insight on a variety of topics that are structured around two main themes within a solid and professional programme.

The first theme of the conference will discuss the state of SMEs in Lebanon. It offers an in-depth overview on the challenges and opportunities in the face of small and medium sized businesses in Lebanon.

A number of innovative growth opportunities will be discussed including the opportunities presented by regional and local markets..


For example, a special session will discuss the role of Lebanese SMEs in the nascent oil and gas sector. Other opportunities will also be discussed in some regional markets like Kuwait.


The second theme will be about supporting startups and SMEs in Lebanon through available initiatives and programmes. This part of the conference will discuss prospects of growth for Lebanese businesses through financial and non financial support by the government and by specialized organizations.. A number of topics will be presented to highlight the importance of valuable professional support, with special emphasis on Legal, marketing and managerial services.


Delegates in this 2-day conference and exhibition will mainly come from small and medium sized businesses, in addition to Lebanese banks and financial institutions, a wide range of service companies, insurers; specialized law firms and more.

Mohamad El-Nahi, CEO of the organizing company, Synergies Events, said, “We are glad and proud to launch LSMEC-2017, the first and most comprehensive privately organized national conference on SMEs in Lebanon. Almost every one in Lebanon and in many other Arab countries is aware about the importance of SMEs to the economy.”

“We strongly believe that LSMEC-2017 Conference and Exhibition will play a pivotal role in streamlining the interest in this sector, particularly with the great interest and efforts by various Lebanese public and private institutions to support and develop small and medium-sized enterprises and to consolidate their leading role in achieving economic growth and job creation in Lebanon,” he said.

According to the organizers, the event will also host an exhibition showcasing products and services available by local, regional and international companies and organizations, and providing a unique opportunity for exhibitors to market their products and services and to boost their brand.

“As a regional company with Lebanese ownership, we believe in Lebanon and in its business and entrepreneurial climate. We also strongly believe that the success of LSMEC-2017 will certainly reflect a positive image about Lebanon as an attractive investment arena, and highlight the many achievements by the government in terms of creating the right strategies to empower the SME sector,’’ added El-Nahi.

“We have gathered a team of experts with a long experience in managing events throughout the region to support our national economy,” El-Nahi explained, emphasizing the great support that the conference has gained from all stakeholders in the country.

SMEs in Lebanon currently represent over 90 percent of all businesses in the country, and they employ over 50 percent of the national workforce.

Synergies Events, is a regional event organizing company which is headquartered in Dubai – UAE, it has organized a number of business conferences and events around the Middle East region.