Lactalis recalls, as a precaution, some batches of infant nutrition powder following the alert in France Other products from Lactalis are not concerned

Choisy le Roi, 13th December 2017

On the back of the recall, the Lebanese Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani issued a decree 1/2424 to withdraw ONLY a few specific batches of baby formula products, listed below, from the Lebanese market for suspicion of Salmonella Agona, and not all Lactalis infant milk formula. Salmonella Agona could cause diarrhea and fever.

The Health Ministry sent samples of the milk upon clearing to several laboratories including a laboratory in Fanar, to undergo tests for Salmonella Agona, which came back negative.

Despite the fact that all the batches imported in Lebanon fully conformed to the local rules, Lactalis has decided to immediately recall the 6 concerned batches of CELIA and PICOT as a precaution and in accordance with the MOH guidelines.

CELIA AR BI 400GX12 MO 17C0013535 25/09/2019
CELIA DIGEST BI 400G X12 17C0013537 27/09/2019
CELIA EXP 2 BI 400GX12 LB 17C0013613 12/10/2019
CELIA LF BI 400G X12 17C0013543 28/03/2019
PICOT 2 BI 400G X12 LB 17C0012546 31/03/2019
PICOT 2 BI 400G X12 LB 17C0013280 23/08/2019


It is recommended not to consume these batches or, in case of the absence of an alternative, to boil the recombined milk for 2 minutes and bring it back at the consumption temperature.

Exceptional cleaning and disinfection measures are being taken to restart the production.

Lactalis is truly sorry for the anxiety generated by the announcement. You can contact our distributors on the below phone numbers: