Kassem: First Responder training program helps to save lives Roads for Life Signs MOU with ISF


On the occasion of the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and Roads for Life (RFL), RFL President Zeina Kassem asserted that “this strategic step aims to consolidate the culture of training within the public sector, especially among motorcycle policemen and traffic police units who are among the first to arrive on the scene of an accident.”

Kassem went on saying: “During the signing ceremony, ISF Director General Major General Imad Osman stressed that the culture of training is a priority and that he is actively pursuing modernization and computerization within the ISF. He is aiming at greater control of violations while striving to introduce digital tickets and to implement all the provisions of the new traffic law.”

Kassem also delivered certificates to those who completed the ATLS and ATCN programs under the aegis of Fransabank and Bank Audi. The 35 physicians and nurses who took part in the sessions came from the following hospitals: Hôpital Notre-Dame du Liban, Saint Georges Hospital University Medical Center, the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), Bellevue Hospital, Ain w Zein Hospital, Bahman Hospital, Mount Lebanon Hospital, Military Hospital, Makassed Hospital, Hôpital Libanais Geitaoui, Hôpital Abou Jaoudé, Kesserwan Medical Center, Bhannes Hospital, Tannourine Governmental Hospital, the American Institute, Saida Medical Center, Al-Youssef Medical Center, Bekhazi Medical Group, Labib Medical Center, and Batroun Governmental Center, in addition to one participant from Australia.

Kassem told the new graduates: “We will start covering the costs of a new rescue program aiming to reinforce the skills of ISF troops in Lebanon. This globally-renowned First Responder program will be given at the ISF Training Institute in Aramoun in cooperation with professional Lebanese Red Cross trainers. In so doing, we will be consolidating your action and skills thanks to those of the first responders on an accident scene, thus achieving complementarity and boosting chances of survival for trauma victims on Lebanon’s roads.”