In the Heart of Broumana Comes, SOFITA, the New Italian Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

Same Ingredients. Today’s Cuisine

Beirut, June 22, 2018: Maillon Group brings its newest Italian restaurant and cocktail bar, Sofita. A soft opening, was held, on 20 June, at Printania Garden in Broumana in presence of media representatives, influencers and food bloggers.

Sofita keeps the best part of what Italian food represents: Homemade dishes with quality ingredients. But what Sofita brings to this generous traditional cuisine is also a wave of modernity. Mixing both quality and authentic food to new recipes with a twist. Sofita offers a new Italian cuisine, Cucina Di Oggi, as it mixes quality ingredients, from today (di oggi), in a modern way.

Attending guests were welcomed at the bar area with Sofita’s signature cocktails, prepared with grappa, Aperol, and Limoncello, revisited by Sofita’s talented mixologists. A sampling set menu followed allowing guests to taste Sofita’s rich selection of antipasti, primi piatti (pizze, paste, risotto), secondi piatti and dolci. The set menu consisted of Sofita specialties such as the likes of, Sofita’s Montagna Di Tagliatelle which is crispy tagliatelle as a starter; Melanzane Con Burrata which is the traditional antipasti topped with imported Italian burrata, and Cappucino Crème Brulee dessert served in a cup of cappuccino and a chocolate spoon on the side, among other specialty dishes.

Yasmina Yared Azoury, Owner & CEO of Maillon Group welcomed attendees saying, “We have always been in love with Italian cuisine, and with Italian culture in general. We have introduced several Italian dishes in the entities we are managing, especially in our Peruvian concepts – Cinco and Sapa – as Peruvian cuisine is greatly influenced by Italian cuisine. Those dishes have received exceptional feedback from our clients and are rated best-selling items on the menus. Given our love for Italian cuisine and our food & beverage experience, we decided to open Sofita.”

Elissa Yared, Owner & Marketing director of Maillon Group, also commented saying, “We would like to share with you the story and concept behind Sofita: Let’s imagine an Italian traditional kitchen, held by the typical generous Mamma we all know. Then imagine the Mamma left her cucina for a few hours, and during her absence, her talented and creative granddaughter Sofita sneaked into her kitchen and revisited her old recipes. A delightful surprise to all. Even to the Mamma. Same Ingredients. Today’s Cuisine.

Maillon Group, also owns and operates seven other properties, Le Maillon Restaurant, Maillon Café, Gada by Maillon, Maillon The Club, Cinco, Sapa and Peter’s Grill. The group is renowned to be one of the most diversified Food & Beverage groups in Lebanon targeting different types of clientele and constantly looking to introduce new experiences to its customers. The group was also one of the first to open in Broumana in 2015 with Cinco. Today, Maillon Group has four entities in Broumana namely, Cinco, Maillon Café, Peter’s Grill and Sofita. Their portfolio of cuisines includes French, Lebanese, Peruvian, and American, and as such, Sofita offers a brand-new Italian experience to their restaurant chain.

About Sofita:
Location: Printania Garden Broumana

Opening hours: Daily – starting 7pm on weekdays and starting 12pm on weekends

Phone number: (+961) 70 922 444

Social Media: Facebook/ Instagram @SofitaBeirut