Holy Night Christmas Concert


Beirut, December 29, 2017: As the year 2017 comes to end, we gathered on December 27 8:00 PM at Saint Georges Church in Zalka – Amaret Chalhoub to celebrate Ms. Nadine Nassif’s first Christmas Concert “Holy Night” by Voice Academy with the participation of her student’s, support from Priest of the Parish Bassam Geagea and Mrs. Hala El Murr presenter of the ceremony and the presence of prominent public figures.

The concert was attended by topnotch VIP’s and speakers including the President of Zalka-Amaret Chalhoub Municipality Mr. Michel Assaf El Murr, the President of Qaem Maqam el Metn Mrs. Marlene Haddad, representing President of Biakout Municipality Mr. Joseph Zeinoun, the Mayor of Amaret Chalhoub Mr. Roger Neaimeh and the Vice President of Amaret Chalhoub Mr. Jean Abou Jaoude.

Commenting on this special occasion, the Mayor of Amaret Chalhoub Mr. Roger Neaimeh said that “We support this important initiative which participates in reviving our arts and culture. At the same time, it is essential to emphasize the necessity to constantly enrich our knowledge about each other via music, which is one of the most accessible, fascinating, and profound art forms.”


This event not only did it offer a cultural and educational engagement it helped strengthen relationships and helped reach a deeper understanding of arts and culture which plays a key role in the political, economic, and educational relations, enriching people-to-people contacts.