Discover the romance of Beau-Rivage Geneva through Hélène Legrais’ property-inspired novel

Beau-Rivage Geneva roof

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 11 February 2018 – Not many hotels can claim to have a novel written about them, but Beau-Rivage Geneva steals the show as it becomes Hélène Legrais’s inspiration to write a romance novel titled; “Les anges de Beau-Rivage” which was recently released in French with an English version of the book to follow.

The story of a Savoyard orphan, Adeline, she finds herself stranded in Geneva where three kindly ladies working at the hotel take pity on her, and provide nurture and teach her the craft of hospitality.

Rich in history and stories, this 1865 belle-epoque hotel set on the shores of Lake Geneva, frequented by the world’s greatest dignitaries and celebrities, has become an inspiring theme for Legrais. Now, guests can experience first-hand the memorable events of Legrais’s entertaining saga through booking a stay at this legendary palace.

This is not the first time Beau-Rivage Geneva served to be a writer’s inspiration, it has been home to many literary figures over the years. One of which was Hergé, renowned author of “The Adventures of Tintin”. Hergé was inspired by the hotel and the city for Tintin’s arrival in Geneva in the book titled; “The Calculus Affair”.

Literary enthusiasts can also discover the rich history and culture of the city by staying at Beau-Rivage Geneva for its proximity to various museums and houses dedicated to historic philosophers and writers. Just minutes away from Beau-Rivage lies the “Saint Jean Property”, where Voltaire, historian and philosopher, lived during his stay in Geneva. Today this property hosts the Institut et Musée Voltaire, with a library holding an average of 25,000 volumes.

Not to mention the hotel’s proximity to Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Maison de Rousseau et de la Littérature, the Genevan philosopher’s house in the Old Town. The life and work of this illustrious Genevan citizen are portrayed in a subtle synchronisation of sound and image.

For a fun culture-savvy itinerary, guests at Beau-Rivage Geneva can ask the skilled Clefs d’Or of Beau-Rivage to sign them for a Literature and Bike Tour of Geneva’s literary attractions by cycling. Led by an enthusiastic guide, the bike tour sets off in search of the authors of love letters. In a park or by the lakeside, Simone de Beauvoir, Apollinaire or John Keats will draw you into their romantic adventures as you pedal from one intriguing location to the next.

Discover angels, history, art and literature, and book a mesmerising stay and tour with Beau-Rivage Geneva. Bookings and reservations can be done through e-mail [email protected] or +41 22 716 66 66

About Beau-Rivage

Founded in 1865 by Jean-Jacques Mayer, Beau-Rivage has remained in the hands of the same family over five generations. Faithful to its founding philosophy, the family perpetuates the Beau-Rivage spirit with great passion in reverence to the grandeur that has been shaped over time by distinguished guests and eminent visitors. Along the coveted promenade of the shores of Lake Geneva, Beau-Rivage enjoys a privileged location in the heart of Geneva: close to the business district; five minutes from the Old Town with its famous cobbled streets and museums; and within ten minutes drive from the airport and international organizations. Since its opening, Beau-Rivage has cultivated an authentic art de vivre (lifestyle), and today it vaunts 80 splendid rooms and 15 magnificent suites, each of which are a real discovery. For over 150 years, the hotel and its sublime treasures offer every visitor the unique privilege of beauty and refinement.