Diageo Names Lebanon’s Best Mixologist


In an exciting and gripping finale held at Seven Sisters on June 1, 2016, Diageo Lebanon crowned Kevin Haddad from Central Management, as Lebanon’s Best Bartender in the 2016 edition of the prestigious World Class Competition. The competition witnessed six local finalists in a series of challenges that led to Kevin’s win.


Finalists demonstrated exceptional skills and creativity in front of a selective panel of judges, composed of Monica Berg, winner of World Class Norway 2013 and Jason Clark Jason, winner of World Class New Zealand 2015.


“Every year, Lebanon’s final competition gets more impressive,” said Jason Clark Jason. “Each competitor mastered skills that was worthy of Lebanon’s World Class Bartender. Most interestingly, each finalist showed an intimate knowledge of Diageo’s Reserve collection’s unique taste profiles and flavors.”


The six finalists had to take part in a series of challenges, beginning with identifying one of Diageo’s Reserve Brands through a tasting and nosing test. Next, contestants were asked to create a cocktail related to Lebanon, and one related to another country of their choice. Following these two challenges the jury selected the 3 finalists: Kevin Haddad from Central Management, Alain Ashkar from SUD and Mike Kassabiam from Sapa.


The next challenge required skill, agility, and speed, as contestants were asked to mix 5 cocktails in 3.5 minutes. For the last round, the talented finalists had to create a signature cocktail with food pairing.


“It was a thrilling rush from the start,” said Kevin Haddad. “The challenges pushed us further and further, and my challengers pushed me to create cocktails that could truly impress the judges.”


Kevin Haddad  will be on his way to represent Lebanon in the Global World Class competition, taking place in Miami, Florida later on this year. The ceremony was followed by a celebration at Seven Sisters, attended by the participants, finalists, media, bloggers, influencers, and socialites.




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