Careem Lebanon Sets a New Trend in Communication

Careem Dance Off Stunt (2)

Taking competition down on the ground challenging UBER for a dance off

Crowds are invited to show up at Beirut Souks on Sunday, October 22nd, from 4 pm

Beirut, Lebanon – October 2017: Recognized for its bold, innovation-focused approach to redefining the future of the transportation sector in the region, and its belief that competition is a healthy driver of growth, enhancement and customer satisfaction, the region’s leading ride-hailing service Careem, is taking inter-brand competition to the next level, challenging its main competitor UBER, for a dance off, on October 22nd in Lebanon’s Beirut Souks.

In a collaborative work with the creative team in Careem, the campaign was launched simultaneously on Careem social media platforms, and on Lebanon’s streets with a series of bold messages calling up for UBER, to “settle this the old school way”. Crowds are invited to show up at Beirut Souks on October 22nd, from 4 pm and the dance-off event will be broadcasted on Facebook live, making sure that everyone in the world can see how Green vs. Black dance their differences away and how fun a competition like this can get. The winner will be chosen based on cheering for the dancers and the number of “Careem” vs. “UBER” comments on the live videos on social media. If UBER decides not to show up Careem will be announced winner automatically.

Commenting on this innovative way of communication, Marketing Manager of Careem Lebanon, Nour El Assaad, says: “People tend to compare us and this is natural knowing that we’re in the same industry. But competition is essential and healthy to keep us growing. This is what we need for us to disrupt the transportation industry in Lebanon and serve our customers better. We decided that if people want to compare us, let’s take it down on the ground and have fun while doing so. Knowing that we are in one of the most diverse markets in the Middle East, we aim at giving you an example of what it is to understand each other’s differences and accept one another.”