Municipality Event 2018 (3)


Beirut, May 24, 2018: Boecker® held a conference on May 22, 2018, in the presence of a number of Mayors and Heads of Health & Environmental Committees at Le Royal Hotel – Dbayeh, entitled “Development of Public Health Services in Municipalities” through the initial requirements for a municipality free from pests and for food safety control. Mayors from the municipalities of Kessrouan – Jbeil District, North Metn Governorate, Bekaa Governorate and Baalbek – El Hermel District, and Mount Lebanon region, participated at the conference.

The aim of the conference is to underline the role played by Boecker® in supporting the municipalities to have a cleaner and pest free environment, in addition to training the health inspectors on food safety auditing practices, using food safety tools in order to ensure the implementation of healthy methods for food preparation, in compliance with international standards.

A presentation was given by Mrs. Bana Kobrosly, Country Manager of Boecker®, on the modern and practical methods for promoting a healthy environment, and the importance of initiatives and cooperation between the private and public sectors, mainly the municipalities. The purpose of the cooperation is to eliminate the sources of infestation following an integrated pest management program to provide a clean city or village free from pests. She also focused on the importance of the awareness that Boecker is willing to give to the citizens in cooperation with the municipalities, highlighting their roles at micro level as well. The presentation also shed the light on the significant role that Boecker® plays in relation to municipalities and their achievements, given that environmental health is a key element that any municipality should ensure and maintain.

A second presentation on the Role of the Municipalities in monitoring food safety was presented by Mrs. Rasha Hoteit, Manager of Food Safety Department at Boecker®. Mrs. Hoteit briefed the audience on the main causes of food poisoning and illustrated the role of the food inspectors in auditing all food establishments using the proper tools to inspect and investigate on hygiene practices in order to secure safe food prepared and served in all food serving establishments of each municipality.

The attendees moved then to see the display of pest management equipment and food safety tools needed to provide a healthier environment. The crowd enjoyed a cocktail gathering with many questions and interests in the topics shared by Boecker team who offered a detailed explanation on how to work with municipalities on training the health inspectors about safe food, considered one of the fundamental human rights. Mrs. Rasha Hoteit also explained about the main reasons of food poisoning, and Boecker® exhibited the equipment used in the field of health environment and food safety. The conference was followed by a cocktail gathering.