BLOM Bank announces partnership with LeMall in the Beirut Traders Shopping card

From Left to right Mr. Georges Kamal Mrs. Doris Basous, Mr. Nicolas Chammas and Mr. Elias Aractingi

BLOM BANK s.a.l- Headquarters- May 19th, 2014: In the presence of Mr. Elias Aractingi – General Manager – Retail Banking of BLOM BANK, Mr. George Kamal- Vice Chairman and CEO of Acres Development, Mr. Nicolas Chammas – Chairman of the Beirut Traders Association, Mrs. Doris Bassous, Director of Business Development of MasterCard, and an audience of journalists, BLOM BANK held a press conference at LeMall Dbayeh on May 19th, 2014, to announce the introduction of LeMall as a new partner in the Beirut Traders Shopping card.

The Beirut Traders Shopping card is a groundbreaking program that was launched on October 2013 by BLOM BANK in partnership with the Beirut Traders Association. The card grants its cardholders unsurpassed exclusive discounts from over 500 merchants in Beirut and surrounding areas, making it the largest network of deals in Lebanon. With LeMall joining the program, cardholders can now benefit from 3 points with every 1$ spent at any of the merchants available at LeMall Dbayeh, Sin El Fil, or Saida; in addition to 1 point with every 1$ spent anywhere else in the world. Cardholders applying from LeMall will also take advantage of 2 free VIP movie tickets as a welcome gift when they first receive the card.

In his speech, Mr. Elias Aractingi welcomed the attendees and praised the Beirut Traders Association for their constant efforts in improving the Lebanese economy. Mr. Aractingi commended the success the Beirut Traders Shopping card has achieved with the number of cardholders exceeding 3,000 in less than one year and discussed the unique edge the card will now offer to its carriers now that LeMall has joined the program.

Mr. Chammas pointed out that the presence of these four institutions BLOM BANK, MasterCard, The Beirut Traders Association and Acres Development in charge of LeMall projects, has many significant implications. Mr. Chammas said that the Association has the interests of the commercial sector at heart, be it the small and medium retailers with aspirations to grow, or the big ones working towards further development and prosperity. In spite of its youth, Acres Development has occupied a prominent place on the business map and it is a great pride for the association to join hands with it. Mr. Chammas added that the Beirut Traders Shopping card exceeded all expectations, but this comes with no surprise seeing BLOM Bank’s successive accomplishments in Lebanon and abroad.

Then, Mr. George Kamal discussed Acres Development’s eternal belief in investing and developing projects in Lebanon. With this in mind, the company decided to join the Beirut Trader’s Shopping card and support this national project that has the economic growth of the country as its main objective, instead of developing its own credit card. Mr. Kamal invited the attendees to discover the great advantages this card holds and to restore the trust in our country in order to regain its influence in the region and the world.




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