A New Tower Flutters in the Sioufi Wind


On Friday, June 8, 2018, at 6:00 pm, the management of St. Joseph’s College of Sisters of Saints-Cœurs Sioufi celebrated the grand opening of its new building.

The addition of this modern tower to the other buildings on campus represents Sioufi’s uncompromising vision and commitment to excellence in education.

A grand ceremony was held under the patronage of Mr. Fadi Yarak, the General Director of Education in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon.

Sr. Daniella Harrouk, Superior General of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Hearts, Mr. Fadi Yarak, Mr. Serge Tillmann, Bishop César Essayan, Mr. Imad El Achkar, Ministers Nicolas Tueini and Jean Oghassapian and Ziad Baroud were present. Selim el Sayegh, the deputies Mr. Nicolas Sehnaoui, Nadim Gemayel, Antoine Pano, Imad Wakim and Jean Talouzian, the Governor of Beirut, Mr. Ziad Chebib, the President of the Municipality of Beirut, Mr. Jamal Itani the Mayor of Beirut, General Mohammad El Ayoubi, Mr. Georges Maarrawi and an assembly of renowned personages from all over the globe attended, not to forget the gracious presence of the whole family of Sioufi, director, nuns, administration, faculty, students, parents, old scholars, friends, guides and scouts of Lebanon.

Sister Hélène Richa, the director of the College, emphasized in her speech that the tower built was above all a moral tower. It embodies the pride and reputation of a school that has sustained its conscientiousness and consistency over the decades. Thanks to the indubitable dedication of all the teams concerned, we are constantly welded towards one purpose: that of fortifying the roots and extending the wings, a work eloquently illustrated by the construction of the tower itself.

The director of the College finally welcomed the graceful gesture of Byblos Bank, which contributed to the equipment of Skyfit, the state-of-the-art gym located in the heights of the tower. In her message, the director recalled that Byblos Bank is a dear friend of Sioufi and of the Lebanese youth, which continues to foster progress within the country.

The ribbon cutting of the new building witnessed a mélange of scenes, musical interludes, refreshing songs and dances, a touching documentary displaying the Sioufi heritage, as well as cultural, physical and artistic activities. Following the bouquet of performances, celebratory wine and warm wishes of longevity and success for Sioufi embraced the fluttering tower.